World Mission Sunday

Next Sunday is World Mission Sunday, a special day on which we unite ourselves with Catholics all over the world to pray and sacrifice for the missionary efforts of the Church.

The observance of World Mission Sunday is truly “worldly” as prayers and support of the missionary work of the Church is done in every parish church and chapel throughout the entire world. All Catholics respond to the request for this special day by our Holy Father who has asked the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith to plan and promote this holy work of “First Evangelization”.

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, from the very start of his pontificate has not ceased to remind us that we are a truly missionary Church and its mandate to spread the faith has the highest priority. World Mission Sunday gives us the opportunity to join him in this faith—filled concern of his.

This week in our bulletin are envelopes from the Society for the Propagation of the Faith for the mission collection to be taken next weekend. It is suggested that families contribute for the missions at this time, thus enrolling themselves in the Society as well as offering substantial help to our missionaries who spread the gospel.

Do, be generous in supporting the Pontifical Mission Society for the Propagation of the Faith which is the Church’s principal means of spreading the gospel throughout the world.

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