The Amazing Parish Conference


The Power of Two

I was privileged to attend the Amazing Parish conference this past week.

There were over 200 parishes in attendance, most from the Archdiocese of Detroit. Over two hundred priests,  three bishops and the Archbishop were gathered in one place. Over one thousand people from parishes  as from as far away as the Cayman Islands, Canada, and Washington  DC came to Detroit for one reason, because they loved Jesus  Christ.  But more than that, they wanted  to share that love to the best of their ability.

The conference  was about amazing parishes, but it could just  as easily been titled amazing people; people with a love of God, people who greet  others,  especially strangers  and welcome them into the Church, people who show mercy, people who minister  to others.

I think we would all agree that for most  of us, ministry  centers  on the Sunday Experience: a welcoming church, a homily that “unleashes” the gospel, and music that draws us closer to God. We will be working with many of you in the coming weeks to see what we need to do as a parish to enhance our Sunday Experience.

Over the next few parish staff meetings we will be refocusing our agenda. I want each of you to limit your report to five minutes; hit the highlights  of what you are working on and tell the rest of us where you need our help. The remainder  of the time will be focused on the thematic goal we have as a parish to “Unleash the Sunday  Experience”.  All of you have ideas on how we, as a parish can improve. Initially we will focus on three areas; music, coordinating the message,  and hospitality  (making  everyone  feel welcome.)

I will leave you with one final thought about evangelization that was brought out at the conference. If just  two people brought someone to Jesus this  year and the next year those  people each brought two more people to Jesus and the next, and so on. In thirty three years, the amount of time that Jesus spent on this earth, we would have evangelized the entire world.

Walter Kreucher, Our Lady of Refuge Parishioner

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