Offertory Increase Program Report – December 11, 2016

I am able to give you a report on the offertory increase effort that I invited our parishioners to participate in over the past three months. Our records indicate that 163 families filled out a commitment card and the total amount of the increase adds up to $69,411 annually. Parishioners can still add to these numbers (if you did not get to it yet) by using the commitment card that was mailed to you. I am also aware of parishioners that decided to increase their giving but did not make a commitment to a certain amount. Your gifts are much appreciated but not included in the above amounts.

This is a real blessing to our parish and it will make a big difference. I am grateful for your love and loyalty to our parish. It will allow us to do some delayed maintenance and repair work. The first two projects are the repair of the church bathrooms and the entrance canopy to the church. You probably noticed that the church bathrooms have been out of commission for a few weeks. This week we will do some underground work to replace a broken pipe to make them operational. Our plan is to completely remodel both bathrooms but that will not be done until the summer. The supporting pillars for the canopy at our church entrance need to be repaired. We will also use this as an opportunity to improve the lighting at the canopy.

This is all going to happen because of your generosity. We will do these projects as the money comes in. You can keep track of it by going to our weekly “Our Parish Stewardship Report” that is in this bulletin. Go to the last line that says difference Year to Date and it will tell you how much we have available for these projects. Already though your goodness we have $6,121.00. By the end of the summer we will be able to do both projects.

Thank you for all of this. We are blessed!

Link to full program information

Fr. Gerald A. McEnhill

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