Altar Server of the Month – Clare Viola Brinkman

Clare Brinkman - Altar Server of the MonthCongratulations and Thank You!!

Clare’s middle name, Viola, was her great-grandmother’s name. Clare is in Mrs. Embree’s 7th Grade class here at Our Lady of Refuge School. Her favorite subject in school is math. Speaking of school, Clare was runner-up in the Our Lady of Refuge Scholastic Spelling Bee. Clare enjoys biking, reading series books (favorite being Harry Potter), and swimming. She is a competition swimmer, training and competing 11 months a year since the age of 6. Her best stroke is the Butterfly, the 100 and 200 yard/meter distances. Clare is in the pool working toward her swim goals 6 days out of 7. Yes, she takes Sunday off! As you can see, Clare really enjoys the water. She is fascinated with ocean creatures, notably the dolphin. Her most memorable vacation was a family trip to Disney World. Clare has a sincere interest in the weather, with a goal to study meteorology.

I asked Clare why she wanted to be an altar server. She mentioned that her siblings were servers and so she wanted to be one too. She also said, “I wanted to serve the church.” I assure you Clare, you have and we truly appreciate you!! Thank you for your service!!

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