Mass Journal

God loves us, wants to have a personal relationship with us, and speaks to us personally through the Mass. On Divine Mercy Sunday this weekend our greeters will be handing out a meditation/reflection tool. It is a note-card attached to a “carabiner.” On the note-card there is a short prayer to help us to be open to God’s messages during the Mass. There is space on the card to write down God’s personal message. This will enable you to reflect and pray about this message all week. We will be passing out new cards each week. Note cards and pencils will also be available in the pews. The engraved carabiner will allow you to clip the cards together each week to create a “Mass journal”. One carabiner will be given to each adult, young adult, and teen. Children will receive a special “sticker” card for their prayer encouragement. We hope this will help all parishioners grow in their faith journey. Please see a greeter or the Hospitality Center for your carabiner and card.

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