Stewardship – Building up the Body of Christ

November 27th

The Third Roman Missal It’s finally here!!!

For many people, change does not come easy. It requires us to stop doing things a certain way in order to do something else. Change interrupts our familiar routines.

We have spent the last 6 or more months preparing for this day, the first Sunday of Advent, with learning sessions, bulletin articles, worship aids in the pews, music before Mass, and practicing singing the new Mass parts before Mass.

Practice time is over. The changes have begun. The meaning of Mass is the same – it is the representation of the Paschal Mystery of Our Lord – His conception, birth, ministry, His saving Passion, death, Resurrection, and His coming again reflected in the Prayer of the Church – in Holy Mass.

How can I prepare for the change?

There are many ways you can become a part of this transition:

  1. Make a conscious effort to participate more fully in the Mass each Sunday and holy day or week day.
  2. Pray for a renewal of love for the Liturgy in Our Lady of Refuge and in the Church.
  3. Visit the Roman Missal web site: to study new texts with an open heart and to learn more about these changes
  4. Most importantly, participate in Mass by reading the Missal and/or laminated worship aids provided in the pew.
  5. Help your children learn to use the worship aids as well to keep them focused on the Mass. Teach them the revised prayers and learn why they changed so you can help the children.
  6. Arrive on time or even a bit early. Pray and sing with attentiveness.
  7. If you are uncomfortable with the changes, take your worries to the Holy Spirit in prayer. Pray for a deeper understanding of the meaning of the texts and for an open heart to grow in communion with the Church!

(Paraphrased from the USCCB Washington, DC)

Thank You

A very special thank you to Jan Vettraino for recovering our benches for the altar servers and in the narthex! The recovering will hold us until we can shore up the benches themselves. In the meantime, they are beautiful and are a great blend with all of our new colors in the sanctuary!

Thank you too to our maintenance man John who cleaned out our crèche and prepared it for Christmas for us! Lisamarie is drilling holes in the back drop and popping in lights to look like a starry night at the manger! It will be beautiful. We also got Tom Roose to put in outside electrical outlets so we could have lots of outdoor lighting this year for Christmas!


Rev: 11/27/11

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