About Our Lady of Refuge

Mission Statement

Under the protection of Our Lady of Refuge and guided by the Holy Spirit, our parish family is dedicated to the propagation of our faith, rooted in the Sacraments, Sacred Scriptures and Traditions of the Catholic Church.  As stewards of the Father’s gifts, we strive to reflect the love of Christ through the support of our parish and in our service to others.

Join Our Lady of Refuge

Please call the Parish Office at 248.682.0920 (Parish Secretary, ext 1100) to set up a time to fill out the necessary paperwork to become a member.


Six Months Notice. By appointment. Contact the Parish Office at 248.682.0920.

Marriage preparation requires six months before the wedding, and a couple’s freedom to marry needs to be established before the date is set to avoid any difficult conflicts. For obvious reasons, it is best to make all those arrangements with Father before you reserve the hall.


If you wish to have your child baptized, please contact the Parish Office 248.682.0920.

Revised: 10/02/23

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