Acts of Mercy

This page highlights articles and information celebrating Acts of Mercy.

Corporal Work of Mercy – Sheltering the Homeless

Our Lady of Refuge is involved in many programs to help shelter the homeless. This past fall on November 5th 2022 we partnered with our Family of Parishes “Waters of Light Family” to build 100 beds through Sleep in Heavenly Peace! We had over 100 volunteers!!

We have also supported the South Oakland Shelter (SOS) pre-covid. This is an annual commitment. The SOS is celebrating over 30 years!!  Please go to their web page and see their amazing efforts at

We also help provide services at the Baldwin Center. “The Baldwin Center’s mission is to feed, clothe, educate and empower the men, women and children of the Pontiac community. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. The Center has been serving our neighbors since 1981 and currently offers more than 25 support programs that meet basic needs, offer assistance in a crisis, provide education and enrichment opportunities for adults and children, and serve as a safety net. We envision people of all ages and cultures sharing the belief that they can create and shape how they live and grow within the community.” Please go to their web page at for more information on how you can help.

Corporal Work of Mercy – Giving Drink to the Thirsty

Our Lady of Refuge regularly feed the people of Crossroads Soup Kitchen in Detroit, distribute food, toiletries, cleaning products and paper products to approximately 25 families every other week. We also support Grace Centers of Hope with meals and food donations. Finally we have taken meals to Angel’s Place in West Bloomfield to support our cognitively impaired neighbors and support their staff in the care of these fine men.

Corporal Work of Mercy – Burying the Dead

Our Lady of Refuge has two amazing “Funeral Teams” that provide a beautiful and reverent setting for gatherings after our Mass of the Resurrection. Thank you to all of you that decorate, call for bakers, bake, set up, clean up, and assist in ways we don’t even know!! Our Parish also sends out poinsettias at Christmas to those families that are local. Call Suzanne Barcewicz at 248-418-7213 if you are interested in getting involved with any part of this ministry.

A loving parishioner mails out care cards to the family of our deceased to let them know that we care and are here if they need anything.

We have a team that provides scripture or rosary services for the families the eve of the service too. Call Lisa Marie at 248-682-0920, ext. 1114 if you are interested in being involved in this ministry. Thank you to all that have assisted this ministry!!

There are many other intimate offerings involved in caring for our members that have lost a loved one but our greatest gift we all have to offer is prayer. Every day we can pray the souls of the departed. Thank you God!!

Corporal Work of Mercy – Visiting the Imprisoned

Our Lady of Refuge continues to be involved in “Visiting the Imprisoned” at the Oakland County Jail. We have an opportunity to go and participate in prayer services, visiting inmates, and help them to reenter society. We participate via our “giving tree” by providing items for the inmates and their families. We must always remember that God loves all people and forgives the sinner. We are all sinners! The goal is to help the “lost” so they may be “found.”

Our youth ministry program visits teens in Children’s Village twice a year (pre-covid). Once at Christmas and once in the summer for an athletic activity.

In an article from Our Lady of Grace they extend the meaning of imprisoned metaphorically:  “The elderly isolated in nursing-homes (or their own homes); people imprisoned by their addictions or their fears or their ignorance; people imprisoned by others’ views of them (immigrants, non-English speakers, people with disabilities…)  The Holy Work of visiting the imprisoned can be as simple as a welcome that breaks down the wall of mistrust.”

Our Lady of Refuge visits the sick and takes the Eucharist to our homebound as well as those in nursing or assisted living facilities.

Corporal Work of Mercy – Clothing the Naked

Many of us have gently used clothing that we have worn a couple of times and forget all about them.  Why not wash them and take them to the St. Vincent de Paul store.  Another opportunity is the Open Door Resale store in Waterford.  They offer clothing at no cost to those families that would go without otherwise.  You can actually shop there too, thereby supporting the operational costs of the Outreach Center.

During Advent we have an opportunity to purchase clothing for many of the other agencies in the our community that assist those in need.  Just simply go to the ‘Giving Tree’ and select a tag, purchase the item(s) and return by the due date on the tag.  Thank you for your tremendous support every year!!  

Corporal Work of Mercy – Feeding the Hungry

We are all called to help feed the hungry. We collect food for our own food pantry EVERY WEEK. We have an every other week food, toiletries, cleaning products and paper products distribution. If every single family donated 2 or 3 cans, dry goods, or cleaning supplies we would keep our pantry well stocked for each distribution. Simply leave them in the baskets located in the entrance of the church as we enter for Mass. Thank you to those that have served in these programs!! We have many opportunities throughout the year to assist us in “Feeding the Hungry.” Crossroads is coming up on October 23rd. Imagine helping 900 people in only four hours of your year!! Our parish also serves at the Matchan Nutrition Center in Pontiac (moving to a new location). We can participate in these by donating funds for the food, helping to prepare the food or serving the food.


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