Alpha FAQs


Do I have to talk and share my thoughts? No. You may remain silent the entire time if you wish.

How long is an Alpha session? Sessions last 2 1/2 hours. They go by quickly.  The first 1/2 hour is a dinner and casual conversation.  We start on time and always end on time.

How much does Alpha cost? Alpha is free!  During the program we will provide more than 10 meals.  We will offer opportunities for you to bring a dish to pass or contribute cash to help cover the cost of the meals.

I am coming and will not know anybody else. Is that normal? Yes. Most people come to Alpha without knowing anybody else in the course. By the end of the course, most people become good friends. Alpha is a great way to meet new people.

Can I just “come and see” for the first week? Yes. Just register to let us know you’re coming (so we have enough food prepared for you).

What if I go for a week or two and don’t want to continue? If you don’t want to continue after a week or two, no worries. We will not call you or bother you if you don’t come back.

Is this training for evangelizing door to door, or on the street?

No, Alpha is not that type of training.  Alpha is in-depth training about the basics of Christianity.  This is considered an evangelization training because anyone can attend, even those without a faith background or different faiths are welcome.  Inviting a relative, friend, or neighbor is a great way to evangelize.  Jesus asks us to be his disciples and to spread the good news of the gospel to others, and inviting others to Alpha is a great way to accomplish this.  We will not pressure anyone to become Catholic.

I want to help as a table leader or table coordinator, but I cannot make every session, is that OK? It is important to have continuity of the members of a table, so it is best if you can attend all sessions, but we understand that you have other commitments.  If you are fairly confident that you can attend 80% or more of the sessions, we can help find substitutes for sessions if necessary.  Indicate your desire to help and we will contact you about details.

Is childcare available? Just indicate that you need childcare and the ages of your children on the registration form. We will contact you about details.

I have more questions. Who do I contact? Questions can be directed to the OLR Youth Minister, who is also the responsible staff member for the Alpha program, at

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