Interested in Alpha

If you are interested in participating in a future Alpha series at Our Lady of Refuge Parish, but cannot attend a currently scheduled series, please complete the following form.

Indicate your desired level of involvement and also identify which seasons of the year as well as days and times would be a better fit for you from a scheduling perspective.

Required items are identified with an asterisk (*)

  • First ChoiceSecond ChoiceThird ChoiceWill not work
    Fall 2017 (September - November)
    Winter 2018 (January - April)
    Spring 2018 (April - June)
  • PreferredAcceptableNeutralWill not work
    Sunday evening (6:30 PM)
    Monday evening (6:30 PM)
    Wednesday evening (6:30 PM)
    Thursday evening (6:30 PM)
    Friday evening (6:30 PM)
    Monday morning (9:00 AM)
    Tuesday morning (9:00 AM)
    Wednesday morning (9:00 AM)
    Thursday morning (9:00 AM)
    Friday morning (9:00 AM)
    Saturday morning (9:00 AM)

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