Message of Gratitude – Crossroads Soup Kitchen

Dear Msgr. McEnhill, Volunteers of Our Lady of Refuge and Cindy Ciura

On behalf of Crossroads’ mission and the wonderful people we serve, I am writing to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude for sponsoring the Palm Sunday, meal at Crossroads Soup Kitchen. We are all so very grateful. For me, it was a gift and blessing to work with you.

You were great partners with us in feeding the hungry. Graciously you purchased, prepared and served a nutritious meal and helped us maintain a clean, safe, welcoming environment for all who came hungry and in need of a meal. Also, you engaged many volunteers in this important work and we all were blessed with the meeting and mixing with you and the guests who came to the soup kitchen because they were hungry and in need.

Your meal was delicious. You brought hard-working volunteers. The teams worked diligently and got the tasks done. The size of the teams really helped to make for a beautiful day. Our guests felt welcome and respected, and they were well nourished.

Your presence, service and meals were blessing for the hungry and destitute people who came to Crossroads. The number meals served was 400, counting everyone who came during the serving and after 2pm, until the staff departed later in the day.

The wonderful people Crossroads serves needed you on March 28, and you came through for them mightily. We do hope and pray that you will be able to come back to Crossroads next year!

Sister Elizabeth Walters, IHM (Sister Liz)
For Crossroads Soup Kitchen

Liturgical Directive Update – April 11, 2021

  1. Holy water fonts may be filled and used by the faithful at the discretion of the pastor. The outside and lip of the fonts should be cleaned regularly. The CDC has stated that there is no evidence COVID can spread to people through water.
  2. The Sign of Peace may be reinstated for those within the same family/household at the discretion of the pastor. The deacon or priest is directed to announce at the prescribed time: “Respecting our need to distance, let us offer each other a sign of peace.” Those within the same family/household can offer a physical sign; those between households are invited to offer each other a remote/visual sign.

Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – Easter Sunday, April 4th

Happy Easter to you!

On behalf of Father Nowak, Father Brooks, Fr. Sabadell and all the staff here at Our Lady of Refuge, I extend blessings for a glorious Easter.

I continue to welcome more and more of you back to our weekend Masses. We have missed one another during this pandemic. It is good that you are back. We will continue to take all the precautions necessary to assure everyone’s good health. We are so happy to be able to observe and celebrate Holy Week and Easter this year and to share in the graces of Holy Communion.

This indeed is a great day and time to celebrate our faith. I pray that you will be uplifted even further in your faith and that you will take advantage of the services throughout the Easter season to reflect further on this greatest mystery of our faith, that our Lord overcame sin, suffering and death and has called us to share in His risen glory.

Easter Baskets Receive a Proper Blessing

Twenty-five Easter baskets were distributed this week to many neighbors in need! They were blessed by Monsignor McEnhill and put together with so many special touches of our Christian Service Commission!

Easter blessings to you and yours!

Monsignor McEnhill’s Blessing

Images of the Completed Baskets

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Suzanne Barcewicz,
Christian Service

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