Approaching Easter 2023

Hi All,

We are fast approaching Easter; next weekend is Palm Sunday. Amazing how fast time is just flying.

I want to take the time to thank anyone who helped with the gala/auction for the school. This type of event is a monumental task and so any of you helped either physically or in terms of a donation in some way, I thank you. The students will benefit so much in the future!

As you go into this week, approaching Palm Sunday, along with the challenge I give you below, knowing that the reading of the gospel for next weekend is the Passion of Christ. So take some time and reflect on our own hands that were a part of this event that open the doors of heaven for all of us!

Your challenge this week:

This weekend we have the raising of Lazarus from the tomb. In our lives we have our own tomb and can be filled with many things, those things we do not take to prayer. In our lives we need to confront those things buried in the tomb head on and reconcile them with God. So this week, I ask you to:

  1. Identify the things that you have buried and bring them to Christ.
  2. Take those things to the Lord and the best way to do that is through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Peace and God Bless,
Fr. Ron Richards

Solemnity of St. Joseph 2023

Hi All,

This Monday, the 20th is the Solemnity of St. Joseph. Joseph gets very little accolades for all he did as the human father of Jesus. This day is typically celebrated on the 19th, but with that day being a Sunday, the Solemnity has been transferred to Monday the 20th.

As we look at St. Joseph, he is venerated as the model of humility, obedience, and fatherly love. He is often depicted as a carpenter, reflecting his role as a skilled craftsman who provided for his family. St. Joseph is also considered a patron saint of workers, fathers, and families.

The origins of the Solemnity of St. Joseph date back to the 15th century when Pope Sixtus IV established it as a local feast day for the Franciscan Order. It was later extended to the entire Catholic Church by Pope Gregory XV in the 17th century.

On this day, Catholics around the world attend Mass, pray to St. Joseph for his intercession, and reflect on his example of faith and devotion. The feast day is also an opportunity to honor fathers and all those who work to support their families.

Your challenge this week is going to be the following:

  1. What is it that holds you back from opening your eyes to believing, seeing, and feeling the love Christ has for you?
  2. What are you going to do different this week to express your love for Christ to others?

Peace and God Bless
Fr. Ron Richards

Blood Drive Thank You – March 13, 2023

Thank you to Donors and Volunteers

From the American Red Cross …

Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church

Date: March 13, 2023

Total Number of Donors: 32

First Time Donors: 2

Units Collected: 29 (7 pints over Goal)

Potential Number of Lives Saved: 87

Suzanne Barcewicz
Coordinator, Christian Service

Seminarian Project – March 6, 2023

Our Religious Education families participated in an event that took place on Monday, March 6th in the Social Hall. The families donated treats and supplies for 100 seminarians in the Detroit area. The parents wrote a handwritten note of each bag letting them know of our prayers for them. This is our way of affirming the seminarian’s call to serve the church. The children decorated the bags and filled them with treats and supplies. Dan and Leeann Whalen delivered the bags to the seminarians. This project strengthened the student’s appreciation for the work and study the seminarian’s take by answering the call to serve God in many ways.

Denette Plant
Director, Religious Education

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