2018 Christmas and Year End Donations

I use the occasion of this season to encourage you to make a Christmas gift to the parish or a year end donation that might help your tax situation.  If you missed some of your weekly donations during the year, this would be a great time to do the make-up.  Your donations are always appreciated.

Just as with your own home, there are always some surprise expenses that you were not counting on.  Our surprise this year occurred just recently in October and November with  the failure of the boiler in our  school.  At the cost of $119,000 we replaced the entire boiler as quickly as  we could.  We were able to cover this cost through our savings account.  That’s why we have a savings account.

Now we need to rebuild that account.  God has indeed blessed our parish  If you are able to respond to this appeal, I am grateful and so is the parish.  Good, holy days ahead for all of us.

Fr. Gerald A. McEnhill

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