2018 Prep Bowl at Ford Field

October 20 was the Prep Bowl and aside from the games themselves the KofC had a large role. As a major contributor to the Prep Bowl the KofC was given recognition on the field and on the megatron.  Each Knight in attendance was individually announced and walked onto midfield to gather together for the national anthem where the 4th degree provided an honor guard.

State council provided Council 600 with a table adjacent to their tables in the main concourse area where Paul Schmidt and Gerald Arter (Paul’s father-in-law and a 4th degree Knight from SC) put out one of our new council table cloths and the “Catholics Come Back to Mass” banner.  They handed out free Miraculous Medals, Rosaries, spiritual books/CD’s, and form 100’s. Many people walked by and curiously read the banner, but kept moving along.  Others ranging from faithful Catholics to Ford Field employees stopped by our booth for free Catholic stuff and spiritual conversation.  One Ford Field employee wanted to know how to join a church (she was baptized but never catechized).

Unfortunately, OLR’s football team wasn’t on the schedule so the recruiting we did mostly helped other KofC councils instead of our own.

KofC at 2018 Prep Bowl

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