“Ambassador of Christ” Focus for Lent

Hi all!

I hope you are doing well and have those Lenten promises in motion. As I told you all, we will be preaching a series. The focus of the series I will be preaching through lent is to be an “Ambassador of Christ.” Each week will hopefully guide you toward that aspect of your life. At the end of each homily, you will be given a challenge to take up for the week.

We are all called and expected to be active Ambassadors of Christ in this world. My hope is that through this homily series you all have some tools to help you become the ambassador God is calling you to be.

On a separate issue I want to give you a reminder to look at giving to the school Gala in some fashion. I would certainly love to see many of your faces at the event itself. Not only does that help the school out, but I also believe the more time we spend together socially, as a parish community, the better we are as a parish family. We all isolate ourselves at the same mass every weekend and never get to know the other people in our parish. Opportunities, like this, to meet other people should be taken as often as possible.

Peace and God Bless
Fr Ron Richards

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