Greetings from Father Obloy – Internet Radio Shows

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”


I hope all is going well for you and your family. Things are going very well here.

At the Fellowship they were asking about my internet radio shows “Catholic Seasons” and suggested I send you the info. The shows are on the Catholic Radio Network. The web address for the Catholic Radio Network is The address for the “Catholic Seasons” shows is

The shows premier on Wednesday mornings, so one needs to go to the Wednesday show listings. Another priest has some short reflections in there as well.

Another way to get to them is by simply typing in #leonardobloy in a Google search. It will list Spreaker (that’s not misspelled). All of mine will come up.

God bless, Fr. Len.

Parish Council Selections – 2019/2022

I announce the two members of our parish who were selected on Pentecost Sunday to fill the role of parish representatives on our Parish Council for the next three years. They are:

Sukiwi Gunawan

Amy Bachulis

The Youth representative chosen is:

Victoria Brender

Congratulations to them and a big thank you to the five nominees who were not chosen but were willing to serve. I am sure they will continue to be involved in our parish life. May God bless all the good works of our parish and our parish council.

Fr. Gerald A. McEnhill

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