Our Lady of Refuge New Stained Glass Windows

Inner Sanctuary – Click to zoom

As you have doubtlessly noticed, our new stained glass “light-boxes” are now in place!! Many have remarked how well they fit the colors of our sanctuary. Blues, dark reds, and browns abound in the glass just as on the walls, ceiling, and sanctuary steps. Blue is an especially suitable color for our parish, as it is traditionally a Marian color, and we are “Our Lady of Refuge” parish!

Some parishioners have asked for more information about the placement and meaning of specific windows. The rest of this column will oblige!

St. Gabriel – Click to zoom

In the inner part of the sanctuary are the St. Gabriel and the Nativity Windows. St. Gabriel is the patron saint of the clergy (priests and deacons) and is near where they perform their liturgical actions. Our Gabriel is suitably enough wearing a deacon’s dalmatic (vestment)! He is also the patron saint of communication, and so he is right above the ambo (pulpit), from which the Word is proclaimed to us. This depiction of Gabriel shows him during the Annunciation. The artist has given us Mary’s view of him, so we can imagine that she is right next to us, giving her “yes” to God, as we celebrate Mass. In fact, we believe that all saints are with us in a special way in the Eucharist, but especially her, since she is, after all, Jesus’ mother! May we add our own “yes” to God to hers every time we worship. Our Gabriel is carrying a messenger’s staff (in early times, before text messaging, phones, or even telegrams, most messages were sent by word of mouth by professionals who marked themselves out this way.) On the top of it is a cross, a reminder that Jesus comes into the world to suffer and redeem us. He is wearing a purple cloak as a reference to the purple military cloak with which Christ was mocked in his passion. Underneath the cloak, the green of his dalmatic is the color of hope in liturgical symbolism, and is associated with ordinary time. So it is in Christian life, sorrow should always be born for God with an underlying spirit of hope!

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Congratulations to Fr. Rafal Ligenza!

I want to announce to you that Deacon Rafal Ligenza was ordained a priest on Saturday, May 21 at the Epiphany Cathedral in Venice, Florida.

Deacon Rafal served our parish since last September as he completed his studies at SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary, the seminary across the street from us. He was ordained for the diocese of Venice which means that he will minister as a priest in the parishes of that diocese.

We congratulate him on his ordination and wish him many happy and successful years as a priest. May God and our Blessed Mother look after him throughout his priesthood. This is a reminder for us to continue to pray that many more will respond to the call to serve the church in the priesthood. Many blessings on the new Fr. Rafal Ligenza.

Retirement Fund for Religious Thank You

Dear Fr. McEnhill,

Please express to the people of Our Lady of Refuge Parish our gratitude for their generous response to the appeal for the Retirement Fund for Religious. In spite of difficult times the collection in the Archdiocese exceeded that of last year.Your parish contribution of $3,927 helped to make the appeal such a success.

The Religious who have provided so generously for the needs of the Church fifty, sixty and seventy years ago are now retired and find themselves in need of your support. Your generous response through the years bears testimony of your appreciation for their dedicated service. They are not forgotten.

Know that you, in turn, are remembered in the prayers and good works of those retired religious who benefit from your gift. May our loving God multiply back to you in the measure of your giving, and even more, as we are told in the Scriptures “…pressed down and running over.”

Evelyn Booms, IHM
Archdiocesan Coordinator

Welcome New Catholics!

Easter Vigil was incredible for all of us here at Our Lady of Refuge. We had 4 Catechumens that were baptized into the Catholic Church and 6 candidates came into full communion with the Catholic Church!

Our Catechumens are: Kathy, Jacob and Mason Trask, and Jahmee Lahotti. Our Candidates are Elise Marie Jones, Tony Trask (Jacob and Mason’s father and Kathy’s husband), Todd Bartlett, Brittany Buchannan, Nick Kalaj, and Joe Joseph. Donna Pollack has been studying with us all year, and has been our cook every other week to keep us nourished, but has to wait a few more months for some paperwork. We are not leaving her behind though! We have promised to make her day as special as possible and we will all be there to support her and her husband Mark!

Our Facilitators this year have been so faithful: Mark Wagener each week, Lisa Marie Blanek, Joe Leddy and Dan O’Brien for our dismissals. We would have been lost without them!

God bless our new fully initiated Catholics.

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