School Accreditation Update

Dear OLR Family and Friends,

Greetings from all the staff and students at Our Lady of Refuge School and may your week be a happy one. We just went through our three year Accreditation evaluation on March 2nd. We did very well and hopefully at the conclusion of this school year we will be recommended to the State to file for “School of Distinction”. This is a process that we must go through and complete before we can be given the title of “School of Distinction”. There are only two schools in the Archdiocese that have completed the process and have been awarded that honor, St. Michaels in Livonia and St. Mary’s of Wayne. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to make our school better.

Ms. Sally Chaney, Principal

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith Thank You

Dear Fr. McEnhill,
I want to express to you and to the people of the parish of Our Lady of Refuge Church my sincerest gratitude for your generous response in the amount of $2,471.00 given for the annual appeal made for the Church in the missions on the occasion of World Mission Sunday.

A missionary told me recently, “You will never know in this lifetime how much good is done in the missions and for the Church by the aid that is sent to them.” How true that is. We do not witness the thousands of people taught the Christian faith by the many catechists that are supported by our sacrifices. We do not see the children and sick people that are being treated daily by our missionary Sisters and their associates. We do not witness the ordinations of so many priests that will serve their people in the missions. But God does and He knows who is supporting these great works of the Church and will not let this generosity go unrewarded.

In the name of our missionaries and the people they serve I extend their deepest appreciation and gratitude. I thank you for accepting the missionary to your parish to tell you about their work and for responding to our Holy Father’s annual call for prayers and sacrifices on World Mission Sunday that we just observed. God bless you all.

With kindest personal regards , I am

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Rev. Msgr. James A. Moloney, P.A.
Archdiocesan Director

Did you know . . .

…that Dave DiCuiccio took a day off work and another evening to work on the red oak facia he installed behind Father up in the sanctuary? He took out the old, non-working heating elements that covered the expanse of step above the terra cotta tile floor.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, we had a 4 foot deep, 2.5 foot wide and 12 foot long cement vault back there that housed the dirt for all the plants that grew in that spot. Dave built the framework of a very solid deck over it so we could put urns and Christmas trees and ladders when we are working on decor. He plans to finish the project at a later date. Thanks Dave!

…that Bob Cordts made the necessary changes to the sound system for it to be moved from where Dave DiCuiccio was working to behind the tabernacle, out of sight! He also rewired the mic at the Ambo so it would not be so affected by the accidental bumping when people come up to read. Thanks Bob!

…that Maryellen Doman is once again filling in for Christopher for the next three weeks at daily Mass so he can go to see his parents who are both unwell. Pray for him and Regina. It has to be very hard to come back here when the parents are advanced in years and so unhealthy. Thanks Maryellen for giving him the opportunity to be with them!

…that Dan Baresh has been puttying in the cracks and crevices at the entry to our Church to give it a more finished look? Thanks Dan!

…every year, Sandy Rigsby brings beautiful flowers for us for the altar and social hall for Confirmation. Now they are all in the Church, and they are beautiful! Thanks Sandy!

Thank you to all of you for your generosity of time and talent and treasure in all you do for us here at Our Lady of Refuge! Our Lady must be truly pleased!

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