Becoming Mission Oriented

Hi All,

For those of you who were at Mass on last Sunday, you heard me speak about Unleash the Gospel (UTG). The document that was published by the Archdiocese on Pentecost of 2017. This document fundamentally changed what was expected out of the life of the Church of Detroit. UTG stated in a nutshell that we were to be and would be a church that was not about Maintenance but MISSION. Something so profoundly professed by our Holy Father, Pope Francis on a regular basis from the moment he became our Holy Father.

I am mission oriented at the core of my being and I want this for all of you. To be Mission oriented you need to not only have the heart of Jesus but have a personal relationship with Jesus. Just by attending mass does not make this happen. When one has a personal relationship with Christ, there is a desire to give constantly from your core. To give in every manner of your life.

Know with that being my desire for all of you, the ways in which we make this happen, just stay tuned!

Peace and Blessings,
Fr. Ron Richards

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