Bible Study – Begins September 10th!

Beginning September 10th we will be studying the Catholic Scripture Study’s books of The Book of Revelation for twenty lessons and Carl Olson’s Will Catholics Be Left Behind? for five lessons.

Come on Tuesday mornings from 9-10:30am or Wednesday evening from 7-8:30pm September 10th through May 21.

We are reminded to be grateful for Church Teaching, which reveals to us simple folk the great mysteries of our faith: “The last book of the New Testament is also probably the most difficult and misunderstood book of the Bible. This is due to the fact that almost everything described in Saint John’s version is symbolic of something else. The Early Church Fathers believed that the Book of Revelation was an icon on the Mass.

“Discover the beauty that unfolds each time we celebrate the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!” Revelation is understood only through the Catholic Teaching which we often take for granted, the teaching that is our mission to spread! Join us for Spirit filled fellowship and study at whatever depth suits you.

Call Regina at (248) 698-2788 or see for more information.

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