Blessing Of Our New Pieta

Welcome to Our New Pieta

Many of you are wondering where this amazing sculpture came from. An anonymous donation provided the funds to have her created in Italy with the base specifically constructed for our narthex from fruitwood here in the United States. God was participating throughout this process too as we strive to bring more of Our Holy Mother’s beauty into Our Lady of Refuge Parish! Monsignor knew of the arrival of our Pieta and hopes of enhancing our spirituality and relationship with our Lord and Mother Mary. She was to arrive for Holy Week.

Monsignor Mc Enhill in his Ash Wednesday homily requested our parish at large to pray more. He mentioned in particular Intercessory Prayer. We have had a very dedicated group of people praying monthly in our parish chapel but we can do better! We should need more space! We are suggesting that when our doors can once again be opened without restrictions that we gather in the church. We have so much to prayer for!!

In the future you will be provided with a very special prayer card with the photo of our Pieta.

Lisa Marie

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