Bridging the Church and School Communities

Hi All,

I have spoken about this at Mass, but I am writing once more today about the school auction. The purpose of this article is really to speak on my desire to bridge the two communities of the church and school.

As I have said, and need, all of you to place on your hearts that these two communities are one. We are and always will be, under my watch, Our Lady of Refuge Parish. The “Parish” is made up of both the school and church communities. With the school auction happening in March, this is a perfect opportunity for the two communities to come together and show their solidarity.

The auction happens on March 24, 2023. This is a Friday evening and will be held at The Henry Ford Museum. I hope that when I arrive, I will see both members of the school and church community. This auction is for the kids in the school, helping them to have a better opportunity for a Catholic Education.

To find out more information about the auction and how to obtain tickets for the event, contact the school and they can give you that info.

Peace and God Bless
Fr Ron Richards

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