Easter Baskets Receive a Proper Blessing

Twenty-five Easter baskets were distributed this week to many neighbors in need! They were blessed by Monsignor McEnhill and put together with so many special touches of our Christian Service Commission!

Easter blessings to you and yours!

Monsignor McEnhill’s Blessing

Images of the Completed Baskets

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Suzanne Barcewicz,
Christian Service

December 2020 Food Basket Delivery

On December 18, 2020 Christian Service delivered 24 food baskets and tote bags filled with toiletries & cleaning supplies. Each recipient also received a ham donated by Dearborn Ham Co., a dozen eggs, butter, milk and creamer. We also had donations of gingerbread houses, stockings, candy, a framed scripture verse (Romans 15:13), and cups that read “Happy Birthday Jesus”. We were fortunate that Riverside Chapel donated beautiful prayer cards to go into the Christmas Card inserted in the baskets.

Monsignor McEnhill blessed all of the baskets and tote bags!

We earnestly ask for continued prayers for all of the families we have supported this past year. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us in so many ways, but for those who are struggling to keep food on their table or pay their bills it is especially difficult and frightening.

Thank you to St. Vincent de Paul for all that they do to support our neighbors in need! I love how prayerfully they approach each and every request for help while respecting the dignity of every human being they encounter.

Suzanne Barcewicz,
Christian Service

Harvest Wagon Thank You – November 1, 2020

The abundant generosity of our parish is truly something to be thankful for!

Our harvest wagon has been filled to the brim with your goodness! Thank you from the bottom of all of the hearts who will receive a lovely basket abundant with love and food for their holiday to be warm and full.

Feel free to bring any excess candy that you do not want left around your home! We will gladly add it into the baskets and Christmas stockings.

Suzanne Barcewicz,
Christian Service

Greetings from Suzanne Barcewicz, OLR’s New Christian Service Coordinator

Hello fellow parishioners!

I would like to wish you a blessed Labor Day weekend and a great summers end. Fall is such an awesome time for new beginnings and having had an unprecedented spring and summer in 2020 we are ready to start anew. I know I am! I believe we are all looking for new hope and positive change which brings out the best in every new situation. That is what Unleash the Gospel has been doing in the Archdiocese of Detroit since it’s release in June, 2017. Inspired by the Holy Spirit it has challenged us to seek much needed positive change within our parishes.

As the new Christian Service coordinator at Our Lady of Refuge, I will look to the Unleash the Gospel pastoral letter for inspiration and guidance for ways we as a parish can continue to serve others.

We will also continue to live out our faith by way of the Corporal Works of Mercy:

  1. Feed the hungry
  2. Give Drink to the thirsty
  3. Shelter the homeless
  4. Visit the sick
  5. Visit the prisoners
  6. Bury the dead
  7. Give alms to the poor

We want to grow our outreach to all who fall into the 7 categories above. If you have a desire to serve God’s people and have been looking for the perfect chance to do it, the time is now! Please contact the Christian Service office and watch our website for all of the ways we will serve together. I look forward to working in God’s vineyard with you.

Suzanne Barcewicz
Christian Service Coordinator

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