Something New in the Missal Pocket!!

Dear Parish Family,

Our Worship Commission is working hard to help deepen our spiritual experience at Mass. This weekend you will find an index of the prayers that we use throughout the Mass. The cards that were in the pockets have worn out and so we have replaced them with the pages numbers and prayers found in the missal. In the future we will utilize these pockets to bring information regarding the Mass, environment and tradition in hopes of making our prayer during Mass more meaningful and reverent.

Peace be with your spirit.

Voices of Praise

Voices of Praise

Our Lady of Refuge Adult Choir

Cheryl Biallas

Sue Biondi

Mike Blanek

Natalie Capicchioni

Patrick Devine

Kathy Dodge

Pat Doman

Betty Gignac

Carl Godell

Mary Lee Gwizdala

Johanna Harper

Mary Ellen Hurley

Thomas Jacob

Diana Kreucher

 Brad LaBlanc

 Jean Majercik

Maria Mirowska

 Judy Palazzolo

Vickie Stumpf

Mary Helen Suciu

 Randy Verbeke

 Joanne Wagner

Chris & Nicole Yohn


These talented and giving people have led us in prayer at the 9:30am Mass all year long, including special events in the parish as well. We thank them and want them to know we appreciate the gift of themselves that they have shared with all of us.

We invite you over the summer months to give serious consideration to joining the choir next year when we resume “singing joyfully in praise of God” at the 9:30am Liturgy next fall. Watch the bulletin for further information.

Christopher Borowicz
Director of Liturgical Music

Our Lady of Refuge New Stained Glass Windows

Inner Sanctuary – Click to zoom

As you have doubtlessly noticed, our new stained glass “light-boxes” are now in place!! Many have remarked how well they fit the colors of our sanctuary. Blues, dark reds, and browns abound in the glass just as on the walls, ceiling, and sanctuary steps. Blue is an especially suitable color for our parish, as it is traditionally a Marian color, and we are “Our Lady of Refuge” parish!

Some parishioners have asked for more information about the placement and meaning of specific windows. The rest of this column will oblige!

St. Gabriel – Click to zoom

In the inner part of the sanctuary are the St. Gabriel and the Nativity Windows. St. Gabriel is the patron saint of the clergy (priests and deacons) and is near where they perform their liturgical actions. Our Gabriel is suitably enough wearing a deacon’s dalmatic (vestment)! He is also the patron saint of communication, and so he is right above the ambo (pulpit), from which the Word is proclaimed to us. This depiction of Gabriel shows him during the Annunciation. The artist has given us Mary’s view of him, so we can imagine that she is right next to us, giving her “yes” to God, as we celebrate Mass. In fact, we believe that all saints are with us in a special way in the Eucharist, but especially her, since she is, after all, Jesus’ mother! May we add our own “yes” to God to hers every time we worship. Our Gabriel is carrying a messenger’s staff (in early times, before text messaging, phones, or even telegrams, most messages were sent by word of mouth by professionals who marked themselves out this way.) On the top of it is a cross, a reminder that Jesus comes into the world to suffer and redeem us. He is wearing a purple cloak as a reference to the purple military cloak with which Christ was mocked in his passion. Underneath the cloak, the green of his dalmatic is the color of hope in liturgical symbolism, and is associated with ordinary time. So it is in Christian life, sorrow should always be born for God with an underlying spirit of hope!

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Did you know . . .

…that Dave DiCuiccio took a day off work and another evening to work on the red oak facia he installed behind Father up in the sanctuary? He took out the old, non-working heating elements that covered the expanse of step above the terra cotta tile floor.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it, we had a 4 foot deep, 2.5 foot wide and 12 foot long cement vault back there that housed the dirt for all the plants that grew in that spot. Dave built the framework of a very solid deck over it so we could put urns and Christmas trees and ladders when we are working on decor. He plans to finish the project at a later date. Thanks Dave!

…that Bob Cordts made the necessary changes to the sound system for it to be moved from where Dave DiCuiccio was working to behind the tabernacle, out of sight! He also rewired the mic at the Ambo so it would not be so affected by the accidental bumping when people come up to read. Thanks Bob!

…that Maryellen Doman is once again filling in for Christopher for the next three weeks at daily Mass so he can go to see his parents who are both unwell. Pray for him and Regina. It has to be very hard to come back here when the parents are advanced in years and so unhealthy. Thanks Maryellen for giving him the opportunity to be with them!

…that Dan Baresh has been puttying in the cracks and crevices at the entry to our Church to give it a more finished look? Thanks Dan!

…every year, Sandy Rigsby brings beautiful flowers for us for the altar and social hall for Confirmation. Now they are all in the Church, and they are beautiful! Thanks Sandy!

Thank you to all of you for your generosity of time and talent and treasure in all you do for us here at Our Lady of Refuge! Our Lady must be truly pleased!

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