The Society for the Propagation of the Faith Thank You

Dear Fr. McEnhill,
I want to express to you and to the people of the parish of Our Lady of Refuge Church my sincerest gratitude for your generous response in the amount of $2,471.00 given for the annual appeal made for the Church in the missions on the occasion of World Mission Sunday.

A missionary told me recently, “You will never know in this lifetime how much good is done in the missions and for the Church by the aid that is sent to them.” How true that is. We do not witness the thousands of people taught the Christian faith by the many catechists that are supported by our sacrifices. We do not see the children and sick people that are being treated daily by our missionary Sisters and their associates. We do not witness the ordinations of so many priests that will serve their people in the missions. But God does and He knows who is supporting these great works of the Church and will not let this generosity go unrewarded.

In the name of our missionaries and the people they serve I extend their deepest appreciation and gratitude. I thank you for accepting the missionary to your parish to tell you about their work and for responding to our Holy Father’s annual call for prayers and sacrifices on World Mission Sunday that we just observed. God bless you all.

With kindest personal regards , I am

Gratefully yours in Christ,
Rev. Msgr. James A. Moloney, P.A.
Archdiocesan Director

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