St. Nicholas Brunch Thank You

On behalf of the Our Lady of Refuge Social Activity Committee I would like to thank all who attended St. Nick’s Brunch on Saturday, December 14th making it a huge success. It was delightful seeing you, your children and grandparents I hope you enjoyed the brunch as much as the children.

The Social Committee would like to thank our Knights of Columbus Council 600 members for offering to cook, the food was delicious. A heartfelt thanks to Amy Erjavac and Laura Jones your salad was the centerpiece of the buffet table. Thank you Oscar and Jan Mittlestaedt for all your help setting up, decorating, cooking and cleaning up we would have been lost without you. I cannot forget to give a very special thanks to the Klimmek family, your help just made our Brunch perfect. Christmas Blessings to all, may the New Year bring you Joy!

Linda Goddell

Knights of Columbus Sweatshirts for Holy Cross Children’s Service

Knights of Columbus Council 600 is buying sweatshirts and collecting sweatshirts for Holy Cross Children’s Services (HCC—formerly Boysville).

Please drop off sweatshirts at the Parish Office (during 9am-3pm) if you would like to contribute or give to any Council 600 Knight. The sweatshirts should be:

  • Adult sizes only (Large, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL)
  • Quality is more important than quantity. The sweatshirt may be the only Christmas present a child receives.
  • Kids really like sweatshirts with sports or college logos on them.
  • The sweatshirt should be put in a decorated gift box. Label in large easy to read letters, the size and gender of the sweatshirt.
  • Deadline is December 1st

The Knights of Columbus is an international Order of Catholic men who are called to lead with faith, protect our families, serve others and defend values in a busy changing world.

Our local council Monsignor A.X.M. Sharpe 600 will be holding a membership drive at all Masses the weekend of November 16 – 17. Whether you become an individual member or a member of our council you will find that Knights of Columbus membership brings Catholic men together in a powerful way.

If you would like to join today simply go to and enter our council 600 for local information. All Catholic men are invited to be part of our effort to support church and community.

Contact Greg Harris, 586-719-6302.

Knights of Columbus Coats for Kids

On October 19th, the Michigan State Council Knights of Columbus sponsored “Coats for Kids”. OLR Parish Council; MSGR A.X.M. Sharpe 600 had several members participate in the event at St. Damien of Molokai Hall in Pontiac.

This program’s primary goal is to help kids stay warm in the winter when a child’s family does not have the resources to adequately meet this need. A warm coat means a child can more realistically attend school, go to after-school programs, fit in with other children, play and do all the things that kids do to be kids. In a very real sense, a warm winter coat means mobility.

Our mission is to make this seemingly small part of life a little bet easier for these families. The goal of the Coats for Kids program is to ensure that no child in North America goes without a coat during this winter season.

Through the dedication of councils across the United States and Canada, hundreds of thousands of new winter coats have been distributed to children since the program inception.

Knights of Columbus Recognized With The 2018/2019 Columbian Award

Our Lady of Refuge Knights of Columbus Council 600 is pleased to announce that they have been recognized with the 2018/2019 Columbian Award for outstanding service by Supreme Council! Join them for a Corporal Communion Mass and award presentation on November 17th during the 9:30 a.m. Mass.

“You’ve probably seen us in our blue shirts flipping pancakes throughout the year or serving wine and beer at the parish festival. But did you know that our small council offered 40+ activities, provided 1400+ hours of service in FAITH, FAMILY, LIFE, and COMMUNITY. We’ve raised THOUSANDS of dollars for our Seminarians, food pantries, persecuted Christians in Iraq, those with intellectual disabilities, and an ultrasound machine, among other causes over the past year. K of C Councils worldwide combined to provide 76+ million service hours and 185+ million dollars in charitable giving.

It’s true what they say, “many hands make for light work”. Our small but active fraternity is an amazing group of authentic Catholic men. They are the reason I joined a few years ago. Since becoming a member I have seen God working in and through me in ways I have never experienced before. Being a Knight has provided me with opportunities to provide meaningful service to the less fortunate through programs such as Coats for Kids, to socialize and become friends with other practical Catholics, to grow in my faith through retreats and fellowship, and most importantly, be a better Catholic man, husband, and father.

Life can be hectic and unexpected (I should know with a toddler and one on the way!) but allow me to invite you to join us in our mission. No matter how much or little time you may think you can commit, there is always time to place a coat on a child in need. Or flip a pancake. Many hands make for light work!”

Nick Greiwe Deputy Grand Knight, Program Director

Visit: or contact Greg Harris, 586-719-6302, or

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