Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – May 2nd

Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)

This is an announcement that we are preparing for the Catholic Services Appeal. CSA Sunday will be on the weekend of May 15 – 16. The Archdiocesan Central Offices will be providing the information and the mailing for this year’s appeal. In fact, many of you have already received the mailing that requests your support. And some have already responded. What a great start! Thank you.

In order to encourage you to donate, next weekend, Archbishop Vigneron’s CSA video tape will be presented at all the Masses along with a message from me on how our parish will use the extra money that we will receive once we go over our target.

One other note — you will see that when you make your donation that you are sending it to an address in Minnesota. Do not be alarmed. The Archdiocese of Detroit has hired a firm in Minnesota to process all the donations. This was done to eliminate the problem that happened last year when many of your checks were “hung up” and it took forever to go through the banking system.

As always I appreciate your support of the CSA and the good it does for the Archdiocese as well as for our parish. I am looking forward to another successful CSA.

Msgr. Gerald McEnhill

Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – Easter Sunday, April 4th

Happy Easter to you!

On behalf of Father Nowak, Father Brooks, Fr. Sabadell and all the staff here at Our Lady of Refuge, I extend blessings for a glorious Easter.

I continue to welcome more and more of you back to our weekend Masses. We have missed one another during this pandemic. It is good that you are back. We will continue to take all the precautions necessary to assure everyone’s good health. We are so happy to be able to observe and celebrate Holy Week and Easter this year and to share in the graces of Holy Communion.

This indeed is a great day and time to celebrate our faith. I pray that you will be uplifted even further in your faith and that you will take advantage of the services throughout the Easter season to reflect further on this greatest mystery of our faith, that our Lord overcame sin, suffering and death and has called us to share in His risen glory.

Msgr. Gerald McEnhill

Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – March 28th

Holy week is upon us. May we take advantage of the opportunities for grace this holy time provides us. I write to you to ask you to arrange your schedule so you can participate in the solemn services. The schedule is included on the home page of the parish website. Think of this time as a retreat as we reflect on the events of the week.

The Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday is our special remembrance of the Last Supper and God’s wonderful gift of Holy Communion.

The Good Friday services recall the Passion of Our Lord, including veneration of the cross and the opportunity to receive Communion.

Solemn Easter Vigil is the most beautiful and most inspiring liturgy of the entire year. You need to make very effort possible to be at this Mass. This is where you should be. All the elements of our faith are celebrated at this Mass. You leave the church truly uplifted in the joy of Easter. Do come. Don’t miss these celebrations of our faith.

Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – March 14th


In recent months we have begun to hear this new terminology: “Families of Parishes”. Now you will be hearing even more about it as it begins to unfold. This is an effort on the part of the Archdiocese of Detroit to address the shortage of clergy and human resources in our parishes.

In this restructuring the 216 parishes of the Archdiocese will be grouped together into 51 families. The parishes will maintain their current and individual identity but there will be a new identity in that the parishes in a family will have a relationship to each other and their will be the ability to share gifts and talents in the family. At this point there are more questions than there are answers. It is evolving. We need to be patient. There is no timeline. The official start date is July 1, 2021. However to be sure, not everything will be in place. In fact, it will be many months before you may notice anything different. Initially, those differences will simply be references to our family and a few things we may be doing together.

Our family consists of three parishes: St. Benedict Parish in Waterford with Fr. Jim Mayworm as pastor; Prince of Peace Parish in West Bloomfield with Fr. Ron Jozwiak as pastor; and Our Lady of Refuge Parish in Orchard Lake with me as your pastor. I have been appointed by Archbishop Vigneron as the Moderator of this family. This means I take lead responsibility for the family and coordinate any activities with the other pastors and staff members in the family.

I request your prayers for the success of this Archdiocesan project. And I especially ask for your prayers for me that I may successfully fulfill this responsibility. It will be time consuming and will require the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make correct decisions for the benefit of the family. I will share more information as it becomes known.

Msgr. Gerald McEnhill

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