Catholic Faith Questions – May, the Month of Mary

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For centuries, the Catholic Church has set aside the entire month of May to honor Mary, Our Blessed Mother of God. The custom spans both centuries and cultures, with roots going back to the ancient Greeks. In medieval times, the tradition of Tricesimum or “Thirty-Day Devotion to Mary,” came into being. During this period, Mary’s month and the month of May were combined, with special devotions to the Blessed Mother organized on each day throughout the month.

It’s common for our parishes to have daily recitation of the Rosary during May, erecting a May altar with Mary’s statue, and honoring Our Blessed Mother with a May crowning.

During this challenging time when we cannot physically be together in church, it is especially important for us to imitate our Blessed Mother’s virtue in our own lives. We can echo the traditions of the Church in our homes. Erect a prayer corner, no matter how fancy or simple it is. What matters is that it’s a special place dedicated for prayer to God. Give Mary a special spot in the prayer corner, with a statue or picture. Then crown Mary, with an actual or spiritual crown.

Our Blessed Mother cares for us day in and day out, without fail. She intercedes for us in our time of need, in all matters. We dedicate the month of May to Our Holy Mother Mary, and honor her with moving tributes of faith, love and prayer.

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