Congratulations Confirmandi – April 27, 2023

May the Holy Spirit continue to enlighten each of them

Evan (Peter) Anderson
Isabella (Cecilia) Andric
Callan (Hyacinth) Bowyer
Madeline (Teresa) Costa
Lucas (Nicholas) David

Robert (Michael) Eschrich
Christopher (Joseph) Eschrich
Colin (James) Frush
Cooper (Anthony ) Martin
Mirai (Francis) Queamant

On Thursday, April 27, our parish celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation of ten young men and women. These candidates have been in formation since September. They have learned how to deepen their faith in God through prayer and service to God’s people. They also have participated in retreats and community outreach.

Our presider was Bishop Cepeda along with Fr. Ron Richards. In the Rite of Confirmation, the bishop invokes the Holy Spirit to come down his seven-fold gifts of wisdom, understanding, fortitude, knowledge, fear of the Lord, reverence, and counsel. It is through these seven gifts that we grow in holiness and are continually reminded of God’s loving presence within us and around us. In this rite, the bishop anoints the candidates with the Oil of Sacred Chrism using the words: “Be Sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” It is the Holy Spirit that will strengthen the confirmandi on their faith journey. Let us pray for them, along with their parents and sponsors.

I would like to thank Suzanne Barcewicz and Janet Boyk for all their help. The Catechists, Gary Lalicki and Nick Harris strived to show the confirmandi a sense of belonging to the church by introducing them to the person Jesus Christ. They taught that Confirmation is not an end to learning and living the faith, but rather an empowerment to live in a more mature way every day.

Denette Plant
Director, Religious Education

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