Kids in Christ

This month of July we had three Wednesdays of meaningful experience with the Holy Trinity. Each morning consisted of starting in the classroom explaining the topic, listening to a bible story, playing a game, making a craft, and finally prayer in the church and at Mary’s Grotto. What a great time we had together as we learned more about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We all need to know that it is OK if we do not fully understand the Trinity. That’s what makes it a mystery, it can only be known through God’s Revelation. We can learn about the Trinity through his work in creation and in Scripture, but ultimately, it is something that we cannot understand through human reason alone. It can only be revealed by God through faith.

A BIG THANK YOU to Jan Mittelsteadt, Suzanne Barcewicz, Stephanie Riney, Marilyn Schafer, Ava Bachulis, Grace Riney, Madeline Tinskey, Patrick Riney, Tori Brender, and Gabby Ansara, Alexa Zoma and Tristan Zoma. This program would not have been possible without your commitment.

There is a display of artwork in the Narthex painted by Ava Bachulis – a parishioner here at OLR. Ava’s art can speak things that can’t always be said in words. Thank you Ava for making something so deeply personal and then present it to our children and the parish with an open heart. Please stop by the Narthex and enjoy reading the display.

Denette Plant
Director, Religious Education

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