New Sunday Missals

We now have Breaking Bread Sunday Missals in the pews and hymn number displays in the front corners and back wall of the church. We will continue to use slides, but we will also post hymn numbers for any of the pieces that are also in the books. Starting November 26th and 27th, the readings in the book will be applicable to Sunday Mass.

Screen projection has caught on in the Catholic Church, especially during the Covid years when books were often removed as a precaution. I like books because you can see the melody and the words are available for review after the song has been sung. I also like screens. In my experience, people participate in singing better with screens. The best part about screen projection is that someone can change their mind in the middle of the song and join in without having to open a book and look up the tune.

I think the best answer to the question of books vs. screens is all of the above. So all of the readings, responses, and most songs will be available both on the screens and in the books. Maybe 25% of what we sing is not in the books and in that case, we will only have it available on the screens.

Remember, the primary music minister of the Liturgy is the Assembly. Everything that the music leaders do is to facilitate the full and conscious participation of the assembly.


Tim Smith
Director, Music Ministry
C: 248.821.8443
O: 248.418.7240

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