Retirement Fund for Religious Thank You

Dear Fr. McEnhill,

Please express to the people of Our Lady of Refuge Parish our gratitude for their generous response to the appeal for the Retirement Fund for Religious. In spite of difficult times the collection in the Archdiocese exceeded that of last year.Your parish contribution of $3,927 helped to make the appeal such a success.

The Religious who have provided so generously for the needs of the Church fifty, sixty and seventy years ago are now retired and find themselves in need of your support. Your generous response through the years bears testimony of your appreciation for their dedicated service. They are not forgotten.

Know that you, in turn, are remembered in the prayers and good works of those retired religious who benefit from your gift. May our loving God multiply back to you in the measure of your giving, and even more, as we are told in the Scriptures “…pressed down and running over.”

Evelyn Booms, IHM
Archdiocesan Coordinator

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