Risen Christ Figure

A few months ago we had this Risen Christ figure installed in the narthex of our church. I would like to explain how this came about.

It came from Our Lady of Grace Church in Dearborn Heights.  Unfortunately, Our  Lady of Grace Church was merged with St. Sabina Parish and its worship site was closed and sold.  Before a sale takes place the Archdiocese of Detroit makes sure that all the items that are so special and sacred to  our worship are removed.  These items are then made available to the parishes of the  Archdiocese.  I inquired and was able to  obtain this beautiful hand carved bass wood image of the Risen Christ.  It was hand carved in 1980 and was displayed on the back wall of the  sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace Church.

This figure  was very much revered by the parishioners and played a very vital role in their  worship for many years.  Needless to say, they are very saddened by the closing of their church.  Most of them became members of St. Sabina Church under the pastorship of Fr. James Lopez.

I had Fr. Lopez out to our parish to show him where we placed the figure and to thank him and the people of Our Lady of Grace Parish.  I also wanted him to  know, that  the people of  his parish are always welcome to come to our parish not only to see their beautiful figure but  also to worship.

I know that it is a loss to them but their gift to our parish is very much appreciated and will enhance our spiritual growth.  The spirit of Our Lady of Grace Parish is not lost but lives on in their “Risen Christ” adorning our church.

Fr. Gerald McEnhill

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