Rite of Election!!!

Thank you Our Lady of Refuge Parish for praying for Jerry Arrowood, Sharon Gonzolus, Joey Miller and Julie VanDerworp and celebrating the Rite of Sending.

Last weekend we attended the Rite of Election with Bishop Battersby!! Jerry Arrowood signed his name onto the pages of the Book of the Elect. This book is then blessed by our Bishops and remains in the cathedral. Our Book of the Elect is stationed throughout Lent next to our tabernacle.

As our Elect, Jerry Arrowood and Candidates, Sharon, Joey and Julie enter into the purification and enlightenment process through RCIA, please continue to pray for them. They are already longing to receive Jesus in the Eucharist!!

St. Augustine writes, “But there is another and interior way of praying without ceasing, and that is the way of desire. Whatever else you are doing, if you long for that Sabbath, you are not ceasing to pray. If you do not want to cease praying, do not cease longing. Your unceasing desire is your unceasing voice.”

May we all long to receive Jesus and our holy sacraments and may you have a blessed and meaningful Lent.

Peace be with you always,
Lisa Marie

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