Sing to the Lord … Further Discussion

In an earlier article we were discussing the US Bishops document called Sing to the Lord. It is a directive that details the roles for musicians and the assembly. Another passage:

The choir must not minimize the musical participation of the faithful. The congregation commonly sings unison melodies, which are more suitable for generally unrehearsed community singing. This is the primary song of the Liturgy. Choirs and ensembles, on the other hand, comprise persons drawn from the community who possess the requisite musical skills and a commitment to the established schedule of rehearsals and Liturgies. Thus, they are able to enrich the celebration by adding musical elements beyond the capabilities of the congregation alone.

The choir and all the musicians’ job is to enrich the celebration of the Liturgy without minimizing the participation of the assembly. So the success of the music ministry is not measured by how well we perform, but rather how well we are able to engage the full, active, conscious participation of the congregation. As stated above, the voice of the assembly is the primary song of the Liturgy.

To that end, we need more musical leaders by way of choir members, cantors and instrumentalists (last call for a bass player). Please contact me if you think you might be interested.

Tim Smith
Director, Music Ministry
C: 248.821.8443
O: 248.418.7240

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