Thank You Father Ben O’Loughlin

Father Benjamin O'LoughlinWe want to thank Father Ben for sharing his passion for the Lord with our parish community.  Father Ben has spent many hours among our children in the school through his preaching during the school Masses and mentoring our students.  He has also faithfully presided over our Young at Heart Masses and assisted our Youth Group.   Father Ben has been available during our Sunday Liturgies and Communal Penance Services.  We will miss him as he goes forth to Mexico City!

Father  Ben  will  be  presiding  during  the  9:30am Mass on Sunday, July 22nd.  We welcome you to wish him well in the Social Hall following the Mass and enjoy a cup of coffee and a donut.

Please pray for Father Ben’s travels, health and continued growth in his ministry as a Legionaries of Christ.

Thank you Father  Ben!  You have been such a blessing for Our Lady of Refuge!

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