Thank You Father Rakoczy!

In Remembrance

Dearest Parish Family,

Father Richard Rakoczy

I wanted to share with you my own personal witness of God’s presence in the life of Father Richard Rakoczy. I know his passing has impacted many of us and we have much to imitate in his honor!! He had so many gifts that he freely offered to us that we can try and pass on, knowing we can ask for his intercession. 😀

I organized two buses from our parish to attend the Beatification of Father Solanus at Ford Field. As you all know and if you don’t Google this event to peek in at this amazing and awesome witness of our faith, 70,000 people attended. The weather was horrible – torrential rain and high winds. There were 200 buses. At the end of the event as we exited the arena. the skys opened and poured down a blinding rain. Father Rakoczy, trusting his faithful traveling companion Genevieve, left the arena holding a malfunctioning umbrella. When he looked up, she was gone. Imagine leaving an arena of 70,000 people with umbrellas in pitch black air and driving rain. Father found a bus and got on – it wasn’t ours. After waiting for over an hour and having a medical emergency on one of our buses, we had to leave. I was missing Father and his sister Genevieve. I have NEVER lost a person on a trip until now. Two busloads of people were praying for their safety.

The weather as we were pulling away from the arena then turned into icy then snowy roads. On the way I received a call from the driver of the bus Father was riding on. I asked them where I needed to be to pick him up. Now remember, 200 buses. Father was heading to Pontiac, St. Vincent’s. Thank you, Jesus!!

I am sitting alone in my car in the parking lot waiting for Father to arrive when my phone rings again. A Good Samaritan had picked Genevieve up on the streets of Detroit and wanted to meet me. Thank you, God!! He was in Sterling Heights. I asked, “Where do I meet you?” His response was, “I’m heading now to White Lake.” Holy Spirit you ROCK!! Father and I met them at the Walgreens at 59 and Telegraph. After picking Father’s car up from our church, Father Rakoczy and Genevieve followed me to Father Rakoczy’s house. Once they were safely home I began frantically sharing of their safe passage to all those that were on our buses thanking God the entire time having experienced a truly miraculous evening!!

Peace be with all of us – with confidence – God’s got us!!

Lisa Marie Blanek

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