The Need for Altar Servers

Hi all!

This week I am letting you all know about the need for Altar Servers. We have a handful of young people who serve but we need a number more. My preference is to have 3 servers per liturgy. For this to happen our numbers need to increase. In order to be an Altar Server, the only thing I ask is that your child is in 4th grade or older.

The beauty of your child being an Altar Server is the opportunity to allow them to be involved in the Mass, and thus understand what is going on throughout the Mass far more. We will have formal training for all altar servers and will schedule them for those who are interested. Before you can serve at Mass you do need to be formally trained in a session we hold.

If you are interested in serving, please contact Lisa Marie Blanek at 248.418.7212 or

Again, if you have a 4th grader or older, allow them to serve God in the liturgy as an Altar Server.

Fr Ron Richards

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