Third Sunday of Lent 2023

Hi all!

We are at the third Sunday of Lent. Where is the time going. To this point the Challenges I have put forth to you over the past two weeks have all been internal and meditative. The purpose was so you could begin the process of knowing, internally, what it takes to be an ambassador for Christ in this world. This week that changes this week we are going to begin the external process.

Our reading is the Woman at the Well. She is someone who experiences this incredible Encounter with Christ at the Well. Her response, upon having this encounter, is to run off and tell others about it.

We all have had an encounter with Christ in our lives. Maybe you do not fully recognize it but you have. So I am giving you two things to do this week in my challenge to you.

First you are to reflect on the encounter and take the time to journal the encounter in writing. Through this you will even have a deeper understanding of the encounter and what it means. Secondly, you are to share that encounter with someone else. NO, if you are married it cannot be your spouse. I would like for you to find someone who needs to hear about an encounter with Christ and share your personal encounter with them.

I understand this may be very awkward for some of you. But trust me many fruits come from sharing our encounter with Christ to others in this world.

Good Luck!

Peace and God Bless,
Fr. Ron Richards

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