Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – May 31st

We rejoice that we will be able to resume praying public Mass at Our Lady of Refuge Church. However, as you can well imagine, there are many restrictions placed upon us as we follow all the necessary safety precautions. We will explain them when you are here for Mass. But you must know that:

  • You must put on a face mask before you leave your car and you will not be allowed to enter the church without a mask. (We will not be providing face masks).
  • We are to keep social distance at all time.
  • We will enter the church single file, six feet apart.
  • There will be more instructions but, indeed, attending Mass will be very different for all of us. The variations we have to endure will be worth it in exchange for the opportunity to pray together and receive the Holy Eucharist.

Please note the Mass schedule because there are some changes from our regular routine:

  • 8:00am Monday June 1
  • 8:00am Tuesday June 2
  • 8:00am Wednesday June 3
  • No Mass on Thursday 4
  • 8:00am Friday June 5
  • 5:00pm Saturday June 6
  • 8:00am Sunday June 7
  • No 9:30am Mass on Sunday. We must clean and disinfect the church.
  • 11:30am Sunday June 7

Looking forward to seeing you at Mass.
Monsignor Gerald McEnhill

Our Lady of Refuge Parish Still Needs Your Support

I want to draw attention to how much our Sunday Offertory collection was down during the time we were not able to have Masses. I am grateful to those who have been making donations through online giving, mailing your envelope or now using the offertory basket when you attend Mass.

The pandemic has hit us hard as it has all our households. Our Lady of Refuge Parish still needs your support. We still need to pay our staff, maintain our buildings and continue our outreach ministries.

If you are able, please consider making donations and continue to make your offertory donations. You can do this by either dropping them off or mailing them to the parish office or bringing them to church when you come for Mass.

The best way and what is becoming the more popular way to donate is via online giving. I suggest that you seriously consider it. You can easily sign up by going to our website, www.olorcc.org. If you have any difficulty signing up, call Dennis Haas, our business manager at the parish office, 248-682-0920.

Monsignor Gerald McEnhill

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