Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – October 3rd

I invite you to participate in the recitation of the rosary which will take place on the Mondays of October in our grotto area which is near the bell tower. October is a month dedicated to Our Blessed Mother and the rosary. This is a wonderful way for our parish, named to honor our Blessed Mother to continue to ask for her intercession and to be guided by her example.

This is a good time for me to make mention of the improvements that have been made in the grotto area. You will notice that a lot of work has been done by our garden club. Through the donations of two of our parish families and the help of the Navarretes Landscaping Company much progress has been made in our plan to beautify our campus especially around the church and grotto. While the landscaping firm was hired to do the job, I want to thank Fernando Navarrete for a donation his company made to enhance the project.

We will enjoy the grotto as we pray the rosary.

Monsignor Gerald A. McEnhill

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