Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – September 12th

I would like to update you on the clergy that assist us with Masses on the weekend. With the four weekend Masses we have, the usual scenario is that I take two of the Masses and I rely on a priest from the Orchard Lake Schools and a priest from the Legionaries of Christ (they are the religious community that operates the Everest Catholic Schools in Clarkston) to say the other two Masses.

Summertime brings changes in clergy assignments and responsibilities. This is why you have experienced new priests at our Masses. As you know Fr. Przemyslaw Nowak left the Orchard Lake Schools to begin a career as a U.S. Army Chaplain which started last month in Germany. To replace him, Fr. Jacek Kowal has been named the new vice rector at the Ss. Cyril Methodius Seminary and he has very graciously offered to help us with Masses. In addition, Fr. Lukasz Iwanczuk, the spiritual director at the Seminary has expressed his willingness to help. So between these two priests one of them will say a Mass each weekend. It depends on their availability amidst their other responsibilities.

With regard to the Legionaries of Christ, we have both Fr. Juan Sabadell and Fr. Jason Brooks. Fr. Jason has been helping us for a couple of years. However, while he was away on another assignment, Fr. Juan was here in his place. Now Fr. Jason Brooks is back and between the two of them one will say a Mass each weekend depending on their retreat and spiritual direction schedules.

We are truly blessed to have these priests with us. I am thankful for the help they provide me and we are all grateful for their ministry and the gifts of the priesthood that they share with us in their homilies and in their incites into the spiritual life. May God continue to give them good health, energy and inspiration in all their dedicated work.

Monsignor Gerald A. McEnhill

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