We Congratulate Our 2018 Graduates

We send congratulations to the Our Lady of Refuge Eight Grade Graduates.  We are proud of our graduates and we work hard to to provide them with a firm foundation for education and spiritual growth.  Many blessings to our graduates in high school and beyond as they continue to learn and grow even further in their faith.  Congratulations!
Father Gerald A. McEnhill

Our Lady of Refuge School Class 2018

Justin Abro
Marcus Arabo
Frankie Audette
Mark Anthony Bahnam
Savannah Barbat
Sophia Basmaji
Joseph Dalou
Yasmeen Faranso
Luke Gabriel
Dominik Gavriles
Noah Gulli
Brooke Hamama
Mary Haroutunian
Maria Hesano
Lily Karmo
Audette Kizy
James Kouza
Daniel Mansour
Isabella Mikhail
Kyle Mona
Kareem Noureddine
Christian Pattah
Thomas Poota
Isabella Prezzato
Kaitlin Savaya
Charlize Shaba
Jacob Shamoun
Alma Tatem
Anthony Tobia
Raid Zerki

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