Welcome New Catholics!

Easter Vigil was incredible for all of us here at Our Lady of Refuge. We had 4 Catechumens that were baptized into the Catholic Church and 6 candidates came into full communion with the Catholic Church!

Our Catechumens are: Kathy, Jacob and Mason Trask, and Jahmee Lahotti. Our Candidates are Elise Marie Jones, Tony Trask (Jacob and Mason’s father and Kathy’s husband), Todd Bartlett, Brittany Buchannan, Nick Kalaj, and Joe Joseph. Donna Pollack has been studying with us all year, and has been our cook every other week to keep us nourished, but has to wait a few more months for some paperwork. We are not leaving her behind though! We have promised to make her day as special as possible and we will all be there to support her and her husband Mark!

Our Facilitators this year have been so faithful: Mark Wagener each week, Lisa Marie Blanek, Joe Leddy and Dan O’Brien for our dismissals. We would have been lost without them!

God bless our new fully initiated Catholics.

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