Changing Lives Together

Campaign Update – June 5, 2016

Current Pledge Total: $977,524.37
Pledge Objective: $700,000.00

Percentage of Pledge Objective Achieved To Date: 140%

I give you another report from the Archdiocese that updates our figures on the Changing Lives Together Campaign.  We have finished and paid for all the projects that we presented as needs of the parish when we announced the Changing Lives Together initiative.  Through  your  wonderful  generosity  we  have  been able to accomplish this.  These projects are listed below.  Our parishioners have contributed $977,524 37 in donations and pledges and most have completed their pledges.  I  am extremely grateful.  Our parish has reached the target established by the Archdiocese in actual donations received.  As a result, from now on as you fulfill your pledges there will be a 100% return of your gift to the parish.  Since I have not given a report to you recently, I am summarizing the activity from January 1 through April 30, 2016.

Donations Received
and Returned to OLR
$ 11,2212.82

Totaling together the reports from October 2011 through April 2015, I am happy to report our progress through April 30th.

Cumulative Summary

  Total Donations Received $ 896,864.42
  Shared with the Archdiocese $ 198,111.30
  Debt Payment – Paid Off! $ 138,420.39
  Parking Lot Renovation $ 111,490.00
  Landscaping and Fencing $  52,945.00
 Window Replacement (Phase 1) $ 141,580.92
Window Replacement (Phase 2) $ 154,452.11
Stephen Ministry (start-up costs) $ 3,949.50
  OLR Saving Account $ 95,915.20

For those of you who are completing your pledges, know that your payments are very important to us. Our Space Utilization Planning Committee has made the decision to remodel the social hall kitchen. This will be done in July after we replace the roofing over the social hall.  The additional income from the completion of pledges along with our Changing Lives Together Savings Account will allow this to happen.  I encourage you to make those payments.  It will make a big difference.  Thank you.

Fr. Gerald A. McEnhill

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