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Commissions Serving Our Lady of Refuge’s Faith Community

Mission Statement: Under the protection of Our Lady of Refuge and guided by the Holy Spirit, our parish family is dedicated to the propagation and deepening of our faith, rooted in the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture and Tradition of the Catholic Church. As stewards of the Father’s gifts, we strive to reflect the love of Christ through the support of our parish and in our outreach and service to others.

Christian Service Commission

This commission focuses on fulfilling our parish mission of love of neighbor, social justice and personal freedom by communally responding to society and individual needs. We minister to the less fortunate within our parish boundaries as well as work together with our Lakes Vicariate Christian Service Commissions. For more information contact Suzanne Barcewicz at (248) 682-4099 or

Education Commission

This commission provides opportunities for all ages to learn more about living their Catholic Faith. They provide intergenerational programs in such areas as Scripture, Spirituality and the teachings of the Church. For more information regarding specific programs such as Faith Formation for Children, Liturgy of the Word for Children, Confirmation Program and Teen and Young Adult Ministries contact Dennette Plant, or Lauryn Coules at 248-418-7242 or 248-682-6381

Stewardship Commission

This commission works directly with Msgr. McEnhill, Parish Pastoral Council, the commissions and pastoral staff in implementing the fundamental principles of Christian Stewards. All people have been given gifts and talents to be shared as an essential element in every aspect of parish life. Our Parish Involvement Form allows us to see what your interests and gifts are. We promise to call you and hope to put your faith in action. For more information contact Lisa Marie Blanek at 248-418-7212 or

Worship Commission

This commission focuses on the heart of worship and the family. Our mission is to help you grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Some of the ministries that are offered are Men and Women’s Fellowship, Intercessory Prayer, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Hospitality Ministries such as Greeters and Ushers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, Readers and Altar Care. For more information call Lisa Marie Blanek, at 248-418-7212.

Ministries Serving Our Lady of Refuge’s Faith Community

Faith Formation for Children

Weekly classes are offered on Monday afternoons for children in grades 1-6. A monthly family program is also available for those parents who would like to attend classes with their child and teach faith formation in the home. RCIC is a program for older children in need of the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion. For more information about children’s programs contact Denette Plant at 248-682-6381 or

Faith Pilgrimage (RCIA)

This pilgrimage will be a life changing journey. All are welcome! Come and meet the most significant person in your life by answering His call to “Come and follow Me” – Jesus Christ! This Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults will probe the depths of Jesus’ saving ministry through His teaching of the “Good News” and the traditions of the Catholic Church. Call me, Lisa Marie Blanek, at or 248-682-0920 ext. 1114 to begin this amazing process.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry focuses on building a faith community among teens in grades 9-12. The group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 pm. The activities are planned by our Teen Leadership Team and include such events as retreats, mission trips, conferences, Christian service, and topic events to grow closer in faith.

Men and Women Fellowship

Join us on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month by celebrating the Saturday Mass at 7:30 AM. Each group will then split up and open the Word preparing for the Sunday liturgy. These intimate faithful gatherings will enhance your entire weekend experiences. All are welcome!!

Faith Formation Materials

We have a Catholic library in the corner of the Social Hall. You may borrow and return the library items. We ask that you return all borrowed materials within two weeks. We have CD’s for $3.00 and Living with Christ booklets for $5.00 located in the narthex information center. Please put your payments in the collection box mounted on the wall. Thank you.

Catholic Scripture Study

Our scripture study programs begin in the fall and end in the spring. We have a morning class on Tuesday at 9 am in our Parish Office Building and an evening class on Wednesday at 7 pm in our Parish Office Building. All are welcome! Please see our church bulletin for details.

Revised: 05/11/17

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