Greeter Ministry

Our Lady of Refuge is looking to grow our “Greeter Ministry”

This is a ministry that is very important to our Catholic Faith. If you think that you are being called to this ministry think about this in your discernment:

Greeting a person warmly when they come through the door says “We are glad you are here.” Which in turn makes us feel like we belong. This is something that each and every one of us deserves to feel. A warm welcome can cheer up a person’s day, change their mood drastically and help to put them into the presence of God in preparation for Mass. It can also set a positive tone for the rest of their day!

Please consider being a greeter at the Mass you regularly attend.

For more information contact Suzanne Barcewicz, Evangelization Committee at or 248-682-4099.

Suzanne Barcewicz
Coordinator, Christian Service

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