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Fr. McEnhill

November 4th

New Pipe Organ Update

We are making great progress in our effort to purchase a new organ for our church. We have come to an agreement with Noack Organ Company in Georgetown, Massachusetts to design and build a new pipe organ for $499,860.00. We will be able to do this because of the tremendous generosity of our parishioners. This was accomplished through your donations to last spring’s Catholic Services Appeal. You have donated/pledged $608,979.68. After we delete $96,162.00 which is our responsibility to support the Archdiocese of Detroit through the CSA, we have remaining $512,817.68 which will go entirely toward the installation of our new organ and any contingency costs we will incur.

These are impressive numbers which indicate the widespread support for a new organ. According to the experts on our organ committee, this will be an organ we will truly be proud of, that will enhance our liturgical celebrations and will serve our parish for many generations.

The last step before the construction begins at the Massachusetts site is to get the formal approval of the Archbishop, after he receives a recommendation from the College of Consultors. The Consultors meet on November 21 and while everything seems to be in place for approval, please say an extra prayer for an affirmative decision on that day.

We have come a long way since last May and in the spirit of our upcoming Thanksgiving Day we have a lot to be grateful for and I express my thanks for wonderful parishioners.

Father McEnhill


October 21st

A Candy Collection

I would like to ask our parishioners to consider donating some candy to Sacred Heart Seminary. For a number of years now, the seminarians have opened their doors to the children in the community around the seminary. Hundreds of children come to the seminary on Halloween to be entertained, have fun and receive treats. Dan Whalen, a seminarian from our parish, has asked if we could help. I assured him we could. The plan is that we will have a collection container in the narthex of the church next weekend. Simply place any candy donations you have in the container and I will make sure it gets to the seminary before the Halloween Party. Thanks!

Father McEnhill


September 9th

Update on the New Pipe Organ

My last update was a little over a month ago. At that time I identified the members of our Organ Committee. My key person on this committee is Dr. Olkukola Owolab who at the recommendation of the Archdiocese is serving as our consultor. Dr. Owolab is a music professor at the School of Music of the University of Michigan. He is very knowledgeable about organs and knows many organ builders. He has spoken to some of these builders and now we are narrowing the number of candidates. While they are all quality builders, the two main issues are delivery time and cost. The field is narrowing because for some completion of the work is three or four years from now or they are out of our price range. Mr. Joseph Balistreri is also an important advisor for our committee. Joseph works for the Archdiocese of Detroit as a member of the Worship Office and the music director at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral. He will make sure all the Archdiocesan procedures are followed and that we will make the best decision in selecting an organ that best fits our needs.

Our organ fund is at $415,885.00 thanks to your generosity to the Catholic Services Appeal. This shows tremendous support for this effort. If you have not made a donation and would like to, just see me or use one of the CSA envelopes on the counter in the narthex of the church or at the hospitality center. A few more donations will help the cause.

Father McEnhill


July 29th

Update – Purchasing a New Organ

It is time for me to give you an update on our efforts to purchase a new organ for our church. The decision on what organ we will buy will be made this fall. The major factor in making that decision will be how much money we will be able to spend. So far through our very successful Catholic Services Appeal, our parishioners have pledged $415,885.00 that will go entirely toward our new organ. This is outstanding! This is a wonderful statement of the goodness and generosity of our parishioners. If you have not made a donation and would like to, just see me or use one of the CSA envelopes on the counter in the narthex of the church or at the hospitality center. A few more donations will help the cause.

A week ago I finalized the make-up of the Organ Committee. This is a committee I will rely on very heavily that will lead to the final decision and will see through the entire installation process. The Committee has five members. They are: Joseph Balistreri who is a member of the Archdiocese of Detroit Worship Office and the music director at the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral; Dr. Olkukola Owolab who is a music professor at the University of Michigan; John May who is the chairperson for our parish worship commission; Christopher Borowicz who is our music director; and myself, as your pastor.

The first meeting of our Organ Committee will take place on Wednesday August 8. A number of meetings will take place before we will be able to make a recommendation on what organ will be the best for our parish. This recommendation will be passed on to the Archdiocesan College of Consultors for their approval before it is sent to Archbishop Vigneron for the final decision. There is much to do yet—keep us in your prayers—and I will do my best to keep you informed as this unfolds.

Fr. McEnhill


July 8th

CSA Update

Total raised as of July 2nd – $ 498,967.00

Less CSA target – $ 96,162.00

Balance raised for our new pipe organ – $ 402,805.00

A tremendous response — please keep those pledges coming!

Fr. McEnhill


Rev: 11/04/18

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