Voice of Monsignor McEnhill

Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – October 18th

With the retirement of Christopher Borowicz as our music director taking place at the end of the month, a search committee to find a new director has been hard at work. Our prayers have been answered and the committee is very excited about the new person that will lead our liturgical music. His name is Michael Garnett. He is new to our archdiocese as he has served at parishes in other states and dioceses. He now lives in Novi with his family and is delighted to have been offered the opportunity to serve our parish. He is looking forward to ministering to us. He will begin on Sunday, November 1st.

Christopher Borowicz will complete his work at the 5pm Mass on Saturday, October 31st after serving our parish so faithfully for 28 years. It has been difficult to plan a farewell reception with all the coronavirus restrictions. However, we have a plan. Christopher has offered to provide a musical concert featuring organ and piano at 4pm on Sunday, December 13th. We want to honor him and thank him. We will make it as festive an event as we can while observing social distancing requirements. You will hear more on this as plans are finalized.


Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – October 11th


I wish to give you an update on the progress of this Appeal at our parish. Because of the impact of the coronavirus this year’s Appeal is being conducted differently as all the mailing and the details of the campaign are being handled by the central offices of the Archdiocese of Detroit. Sensitive to the circumstances of this year the Archdiocese has reduced the targets at all parishes by 15%. So far we have not fared very well. As of October 3 we have received in cash and pledges $33,810.00 towards our goal of $74,308.00. This represents 45.5% of our target. There are issues here. We are concerned about our personal finances in light of the virus, you can make a case for conducting the Appeal at the parish, the absence of many parishioners at our Sunday Masses, and not being comfortable with electronic giving or mailing donations to the central offices.

This is where we are. I am grateful for the gifts and pledges already received. This is a challenge to us. If you have not donated yet, please do so as soon as you can. If you see yourself clear that you can help us with our shortfall, that would be wonderful. The smaller gifts all add up and make an impact. Larger gifts, however, are necessary if we are going to make our goal. Whatever you contribute it will be appreciated and help towards our goal. My request is that you donate something. Whatever the amount is, you are helping your parish and the Archdiocese.

If you prefer not to donate electronically, bring your gift to the church when you come to Mass or mail it to our parish office. We pray for the success of this year’s Catholic Services Appeal.

Blessings and good health,
Msgr. Gerald A. McEnhill


Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – September 13th

Staffing changes have occurred over the last few months with the retirement of Bonnie Degen as our Religious Education Director on June 30th and the retirement of Paula Dawson as our Christian Service Coordinator on June 30th. Christopher Borowicz will also be retiring on October 31st as our Music Director. They have served our parish well and for a long time. We are grateful for their dedicated service and our prayer is that they will be healthy and enjoy many good years of retirement. The best to Bonnie, Paula and Christopher!

The work of religious education will now be taken up by Denette Plant and Suzanne Barcewicz will return to our staff as the new Christian Service Coordinator. I ask for your prayers in our search for a new Music Director. We are in the process of interviewing candidates and I need the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit to choose the right person for this all important position. May God continue to look after our parish in this decision making. As we welcome Denette and Suzanne, I want to assure them that they will receive much support, help and prayers from us as they fulfill their ministries. God bless them.

Msgr. Gerald A. McEnhill


Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – September 6th

Mr. Christopher Borowicz, OLR Liturgical Music Director, Retiring October 31, 2020

Dear Msgr. McEnhill,

By way of this letter, I wish to confirm my intent to retire effective October 31, 2020. I have enjoyed working at Our Lady of Refuge Parish for the past 28 years and will miss working with everyone. I am willing to help as a guest musician if you decide you need me any time after October 31.

I will continue to pray for you and the parish, as you move forward with the Liturgical music program.

Sincerely, Christopher Borowicz

The Catholic Services Appeal Drive Begins on Sunday September 13th

Material about the CSA is being sent to you through the Archdiocese. I urge you to respond to help our Archdiocese as well as our parish. I will appreciate your support.

Msgr. Gerald A. McEnhill

Catholic Services Appeal 2020 | www.givecsa.org


Voice of Monsignor McEnhill – June 7th

Our Lady of Refuge Parish Still Needs Your Support

I want to draw attention to how much our Sunday Offertory collection was down during the time we were not able to have Masses. I am grateful to those who have been making donations through online giving, mailing your envelope or now using the offertory basket when you attend Mass.

The pandemic has hit us hard as it has all our households. Our Lady of Refuge Parish still needs your support. We still need to pay our staff, maintain our buildings and continue our outreach ministries. If you are able, please consider make-up donations from March, April and May and continue to make your offertory donations. You can do this by either dropping them off or mailing them to the parish office or bringing them to church when you come for Mass.

The best way and what is becoming the more popular way to donate is via online giving. I suggest that you seriously consider it. You can easily sign up by going to our website, www.olorcc.org. If you have any difficulty signing up, call Dennis Haas, our business manager at the parish office, 248-682-0920.


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