Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

Are you:

  • A person who has not been baptized and would like to learn more about the Catholic faith with the possibility of becoming Catholic?
  • A Baptized Christian of another denomination who would like to learn more about the Catholic Tradition and possibly become Catholic?
  • A Baptized Catholic who has been away from the Catholic Church for some time and would like to come home and receive the Sacraments?

Join our Faith Pilgrimage (RCIA)

This pilgrimage is not only a personal journey, but a parish wide experience. The first phase begins with inquiry. All of us have questions! Here faith filled Catholics and Monsignor McEnhill will guide you in the safety of your peers while meeting fellow members of Our Lady of Refuge. In the second phase we will begin to develop a deeper experience of the life of Christ and His church incorporating our Mass with breakout sessions. The third phase is one of purification and enlightenment. We will celebrate with the entire church special rites culminating at the Easter Vigil. Here within the holiest of nights you will join other Candidates and the Elect around the world for the Sacraments of Initiation – some will be Baptized, some receive their First Holy Communion and finally Confirmation! The fourth phase extends through the Easter Season devoted to mystagogy, as you now enter more fully into the life and unity of the parish community and Church around the world.

Please call me 248-418-7212 or email lblanek@olorcc.org, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this amazing journey into the Catholic faith.

May God bless you,

Lisa Marie Blanek