Ushers and Greeters

We need Ushers and Greeters! One of our goals in Stewardship is always to invite as many people as we can to get involved in these ministries. Because Ushers are also Greeters and helpers, these two ministries are our first line of Evangelization!

What do we mean by that, you say? How can you evangelize folks that are already coming to Sacred Liturgy on Sunday?

How many times do we hear, “I don’t get anything out of Mass”? Well, maybe one of our jobs, if we ourselves do get something out of Holy Mass, is to help prepare people to be open to receive all the graces and gifts our Lord has to give us in the Mass.

One of the easiest ways we have found to do that is to make people feel from the first moment they come through the door, that we are glad they are part of our parish family! Having someone right there as they come in, smiling and happy, ready to say hello, is a powerful evangelization of the Word of God.

So consider that maybe Our Lord is calling you to either of these ministries, and say “yes” if you are asked, or call the Parish Office (248-682-0920) if you would like to join this team!